All Athenex products feature our proprietary AccuraSEETM packaging and labeling, which we created to assist clinicians with accurate selection and to help reduce the risk of medication errors and thus increase patient safety.

Athenex uses in-house analytical services for the development, cGMP shelf-life determination, and routine release testing of all 503B compounded products. Our comprehensive approach to aspects related to chemical stability, container/closure integrity, and product integrity during shipping and routine hospital use is at the center of our “quality by design” mission.

You can rely on us to consistently deliver the highest quality products that are uniquely packaged and labeled to help reduce medication errors and improve the safety of those that matter most—your patients.
Sterile products with patient safety at the top of mind…and directly in your line of sight

Athenex is committed to providing safety measures you can see. Our proprietary, differentiated, and highly visible label designs were developed to assist pharmacists with accurate medication selection—because there is no greater priority than patient safety. Every one of our products features our unique AccuraSEETM packaging and labeling, “so what you see is exactly what you get.”

SEEcureTM syringe and port caps, featured on all Athenex 503B products, are a natural extension of our proprietary AccuraSEETM packaging and labeling. Each syringe includes a tamper-evident cap with a unique label displaying the drug name and ASTM drug class color-coding. All 503B intravenous bags now feature a cap on the admixture port to signal to clinicians that no additional medications should be added prior to administration.

Athenex Customer Portal

For the convenience of our Athenex customers, we offer an easy-to-use customer portal as the digital access point for ordering Athenex products. If you’d like to become a customer, please click or call—we would value the opportunity to be of service to you!